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Engineer Turned Entrepreneur: Transforming Used Tyres And Drums Into Exciting Furniture

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A creative mind is all it takes to turn waste material into a beautiful and accessible product. Pramod Susare is one such creative genius who gives life to the old plastic waste including drums, tires and old cars into beautiful furniture that is both accessible and economical at the same time. Starting his business from scratch, Pramod incorporated P2S International in 2018. 

Pramod Susare | P2S International
Pramod Susare, Founder


Coming from a family where financial resources are limited, Pramod built P2S International solely on his own without any external support. Pramod was a mechanical engineer by profession. The zeal to start his own business was always there in him. 

Because of the financial constraint at home, Pramod started working on the idea of P2S International while continuing his job. Finally, the creative mind came up with this unique idea of making attractive tables, chairs and other furniture by recycling old plastic drums and tires.

Recalling the hardship of those days, Pramod says, “I decided to start a business without telling anyone at home, but I didn’t have the capital. The only thing I could do was to use my knowledge and learn further to enhance it.”

Pramod’s creative mind wandered in search of ideas for his business after which he came up with the idea of recycling old drums into useful furniture products. To research thoroughly, Pramod started watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. 

Recycle Furniture | P2S International

To ultimately give a shape to the structure of P2S International, Pramod rented a shop and started working on the project in 2018. After rigorous hard work and firm determination, Pramod gave P2S International the wings to fly high. 


P2S International is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of products made from recycled plastic waste and tyres. The wide range of unique products are: 

  • Drum Furniture
  • Tyre Furniture
  • Automotive Furniture
  • Eco-Friendly Gardens 
  • Upcycling Design 
  • Interior Design Solutions
  • Outdoor Design Solutions 
  • Vintage Products 
  • Customized Unique Products


Getting the first order is always special for every business, so it does for Pramod as well as for P2S International. It gives Pramod the confidence and motivation to work even harder in the future. 

Working diligently day and night, Pramod received his first order for P2S International from Cafe Pune Studio. The first few months were hard for the startup when only 2 orders were placed in 3 months. But gradually people started to recognise the creative, accessible and affordable products of P2S International. And gradually the orders grew.


After its first order, P2S finally started getting responses from the market. Many renowned companies supported P2S International for its unique, creative and eco-friendly initiative. After getting an affirmative response, Pramod quit his regular job to fully immerse himself in the business. 

His perseverance and commitment to P2S International are bearing fruits. What started with two people only, has today built itself into a successful venture with a team of 15 creative and hard-working people. These creative geniuses are very efficient in delivering projects on time.

Recycle Furniture | P2S International

Ranging from Rs 50 thousand to 1 lakh, P2S International receives 10 to 15 orders every month. P2S International has a customer base all over India. The company get orders from all the big cities including Pune, Satara, Mumbai, Sangali, Delhi, Bangalore, Nashik, Ahmednagar and more to the list. 

After getting immense success in India, P2S International started exporting its product also. The company exported its first order to South Africa in March 2022. Pramod started P2S International as a side business and now the annual turnover of the company is up to Rs 2 crores. 

Pramod shapes his creative ideas into reality with P2S International where the company makes unique furniture from plastic drums and tires and then supplies it to cafes, restaurants, gardens, bars and many more places. With its attractive products, P2S International not only just proposes a vast range of unique furniture but also contributes to making the environment safe.


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