How To Manage Workplace Stress?

How To Manage Workplace Stress?


Workplace stress is a term that we all are familiar with but do we actually pay attention to it? It is highly common for a working professional to experience workplace stress and anxiety. Long working hours, hectic schedules and the pressure to meet deadlines are among the most important factors that cause stress in the workplace. The pressure of the fast-paced work environment and the desire to achieve success is the reason behind the sleepless nights leading to a stressful life for many people. 

Stress is inevitable in today’s workplace scenario. And it is okay if a person takes a little bit of tension for his/her work. But the real problem arises when this stress goes beyond a certain level and starts affecting the productivity and mental & physical health of the person. According to Mental Health Foundation, an employee lost an average of 24 days of work due to stress-related illness. 

Since it is difficult to avoid stress at the workplace, it is even more essential to manage our stress in such a manner that it won’t negatively affect our mental and physical well-being. In this article, we will tell you some of the effective ways to reduce your workplace stress: 

1. Get Yourself A Tea Or Coffee

We all can agree on the fact that no one can work continuously for hours without taking a short break. Breaks are great stress relievers and help us to re-energise our minds and body and start working for better results. Tea and Coffee breaks are essential to provide required breaks and maintain the sanity of the workplace. 


If you feel stressed from working for too long, it is always a good idea to take a short break and get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and engage in a meaningful conversation with your colleague. 

2. Doodling For Stress Buster

Doodling is an excellent activity for stress relief. It is a  creative distraction that helps you to give relief in a fun way and fulfils your creative urges. Many studies have found that doodling improves the creativity, focus and memory retention of a person to a greater extent. 

Doodling helps us think better and allows us to let go of unwanted thoughts and ideas that trouble us in one way or another. If you ever feel stressed at your workplace, engage yourself in doodling for 5-10 minutes.

3. Listen to Your Favourite Song

Music is always a great escape from stressful situations. Putting strong effects on our emotions, music always is a great stress reliever. Slow music helps you to calm down and ease the emotions that are leading to stress and tension. 

Music with a slower tempo can help in relaxing the mind and releases stress instantly. If you are too busy at work and do not get time to do any stress-buster activities, you can always rely on music.  

4. Use Stress Ball 

To relieve yourself from the stress, you need a distraction that helps you to detoxify yourself. And stress balls are a great way to let go of stress. In our body, various nerves connect our hands with our brains. When we squeeze a stress ball putting pressure, the nerves simulate and make the muscles stronger and reduces hormones that produce high-stress level. 

Using a stress ball is a kind of light exercise for your body that you can perform easily while sitting at your desk only. Using stress ball to curb high-stress levels are one of the most effective and economical option to use in the office.

5. Mindfulness Meditation 

There is no better way to reduce stress and anxiety other than meditation. It is always advisable to do meditation for 5-10 minutes every day. Take 5-10 minutes from your busy schedule and meditate and focus only on the positive energy around you. 

While meditating just focus on deep breathing and forget about everything else. Meditation helps you inhale positivity and exhale negative thoughts. 10 minutes of your daily meditation enables you in finding your inner calmness.  

6. Health Snacking

It is said that hunger induces stress, and it is true also. A hungry person gets stressed or irritated easily. So it is always a good idea to eat properly and healthy. Eating healthy keeps you physically fit. And if you are physically well, your brain automatically works with its full efficiency.

Snack options including fruits and dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts are healthy and nutritious that provide energy to your body. Dark chocolate is one of the favourite food that aids high-stress levels. 

Summing Up

While running in the rat race of getting success we often neglect our mental health. Workplace stress not only affects our mental health but it slowly impacts our physical health also. Like the famous entrepreneur, Bill Phillips said, “Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.”Taking things seriously at the workplace is important but you should not take them so seriously that it started affecting your mental health and causing you any harm.


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