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Abellian Finman : The company that offers tailor-made customized solutions. We strive to craft best-in-class solutions for each and every client and add value to their experience. Bengaluru, the start-up capital of the country, is where Abellian Finman was founded by the company’s Founder and CEO in 2016. Today, they are on their way to becoming India’s most trusted cost management and value creation company in less than a decade.

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Born in a middle-class family in Mysuru, founder Abel S Boaz was an average student but he found his calling and flawlessly progressed his way in the entrepreneurial world, lacking resources but not grit and perseverance. He gives credit to Make-in-India, where he started as an external auditor and later on became a member, for the growth of his company. In addition, he says that he has a team that is dedicated, hardworking, and well-qualified.

The key to Boaz’s success was his expertise in weaving a strong network, learning from mistakes and moving forward without any nervousness. Since its inception, Abellian Finman has devoted itself to businesses seeking financial advisory services across the globe. Abellian is providing the very service that every company in this post-pandemic era needs to be able to survive financially. With proper consultation and planning, Abellian Finman helps companies to increase their savings.

With the economic slowdown, every business is looking to grow and for that, they need the services provided by Abellian. They provide clients with revenue growth strategies and assistance by providing financial and management advisory and consulting services to clients pan India and abroad. Abellian provides financial services to small, medium, and large businesses as well as startups and unicorns.

Every company in the country should definitely entrust its finances and management to the world-class specialists at Abellian. Their financial and management advisory is based on meticulous analysis and a deep understanding of data. Thus, they can match their solutions with the needs of the businesses.

Boaz had the end purpose of curating and delivering customized models for value addition in mind while stepping into the self-serving industry primarily of financial advisory. The company’s headquarter is in Bengaluru, with its branches in Mumbai and Pune. Abellian Finman has a clientele base all over the country and abroad.

As a team of financial strategists, their enterprise knowledge and acumen have helped the company cross forward at an envious pace. Some of India’s largest manufacturing giants, pharmaceutical and FMCG companies are a few of the clients of Abellian Finman with growing export bases.

They recognize the importance of tailoring and customizing solutions to meet the needs of their clients, which makes Abellian Finman unique and cutting-edge. They understand the needs of every client. The team of specialists at Abellian works with an unfailing model — lower cost of capital with increased profits. They try to unlock the full financial potential of their clients and scale their businesses. Being at the forefront of financial and cost management advisory companies in the country, Abellian Finman has been adding value, one client at a time, and navigating projects to help clients increase their savings.

Although they were practically unscathed, Abellian Finman did come across some major challenges in the past couple of years. During the pandemic, entrepreneurs piloting a start-up or a young enterprise documented the conceivable limitation which came about as a challenge. With the threat of mass layoffs and closures just a few weeks into the crisis, the chance of the pandemic affecting any business in the sector had been negatively enhanced.

For the team to handle everything carefully, Boaz, being the CEO, was quick to adopt a fully flexible work time and location policy. His quick response to the pandemic crises in the last couple of years was to provide ergonomic and economic assistance to his employees. He is a celebrated leader for his moral and professional consistency. He showed an immediate impact on the company’s positive growth during and after the lockdown.

Abellian Finman is one of the front runners in the financial advisory sector of the country. The one thing that makes this company stand out is their contribution in creating the next generation of financial experts equipped with the ability to add value.

As advice to future entrepreneurs, Abel S Boaz says, “To grow business, one needs to provide something that is needed and deliver it in a way that is in itself the need of the hour. One needs to recognize the opportunity and turn it into something innovative.”

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