The world of business is changing rapidly with time. Technology has brought a whole new revolution to the business sphere. With lots of software and automation, what remains intact in the business domain are Business Cards. It is one thing that technology cannot change. 

Business professionals always keep their cards ready whenever they go to meetings, trade fairs, seminars and conferences. Business cards consist of important information such as name, designation, contact details, website and address. They serve a promotional purpose for the company. 


It is true that after the digital revolution, there are many options available to maintain healthy contacts with the clients, other companies and customers. But to maintain the relationship, it is necessary to first establish that relation and there comes the role of a business card – an excellent way to build formal relationships. People tend to remember anything with physical contact rather than seeing it on a digital platform. 

A business card leads to an exchange of business contacts and business information and it is more powerful than doing it through an online platform. Giving a business card is the easiest and quickest way to exchange information that gives more credibility to your brand. 


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Having a business card proves highly beneficial for your business. The small card that contains all the information about the company helps in establishing an association with others. Here are some other benefits of carrying a business card: 

Personal Touch

Imagine you are at a conference and meet lots of potential clients and customers there. If you have a business card with you, it will be a lot easier for you to greet the clients and give your business card and the required details. This gives a personal touch to your greet and an opportunity to connect well. A well-designed business card helps people to remember you.

Conveys Professionalism

A Business card gives the impression of the company’s professionalism. The colour and design of the card are of utmost importance. A card should neither be too simple nor flooded with too many designs and colours. All the prominent details should be mentioned clearly on the card including name, designation, contact details (mobile number and email address) and company’s address. 

Builds Trust

It is very crucial for businesses to establish trust among the customers. With trust and credence, the company will be able to conserve its customer base. A Business card bridges the gap in communication between companies and customers. It provides credibility to the firm and makes the company more organized.

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Helps in Prospective Growth

As mentioned above, a business card is helpful in maintaining relationships with customers and clients. It eventually results in lead generation of the business for the company. It also helps in personal networking and scaling the business. A Business card is a great marketing tool, if used correctly, it can be used to build long-lasting relationships with clients. A business card can also be helpful if the client is not a habitual user of the technology. 

Stands You Apart

Your business card is the representation of your business. A smartly designed card grabs attention immediately. It makes your card stand out among the pool of cards and the possibility of being contacted by the client increases significantly. A concise, clear and visually attractive card can do the trick for you. It is an effective tool to differentiate your business from your competitors. 


Since now you understand the importance of business cards, it is equally important for you to know what you should keep in mind while designing your card. Here are a few factors that may help you:

Designs and Visuals

The design and visuals of the card must be appealing to the eyes. The colour and design should be in perfect balance with each other. Focus on the thing that you want to highlight such as the brand name, logo and the tagline of the company. Keep the right typeface, size and shape of the text so that it does not look strange. 

Logo Placement and Visibility

The logo is the most valuable asset of the company. It helps customers to remember your company. Hence it is essential to use the correct size and design for the logo. The placement of the logo should be adequate so that it is visible properly and catches the eye of the customers. 

Correct Information

A well-designed card should be well informative also. The desired outcome can be achieved only if the detail mentioned on the card is accurate. Make sure that before printing the cards, it goes through basic checking. You also need to ensure that the name, address, and contact details are correct. Since the card tells a lot about your company, a typo will leave a bad impression.

Quality Support

Last but not the least, you need to make sure that the quality of the card is good. The material of the card should not be too pale or thin. Bad quality may cause the crease and colour fading, and we all know that such cards end up in the garbage bin. So, to save your business card from going into the bin, ensure the best quality for the card. 


For developing relationships with clients and promoting your brand, business cards still play a vital role. So choose your design carefully and make a powerful yet formal business card to take your business to the next level. 


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