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This IIT Professor Introduces India To Its First Flying Taxi

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A few years ago, the concept of a flying taxi used to sound like something that can be seen in science fiction movies only. But today, The ePlane Company is bringing a revolutionary change in the mobility sector in India by introducing India’s first flying electric taxi. The Founder of The ePlane Company, Prof. Satya Chakravarthy proves nothing is impossible in this world, not even flying taxis.  

Catering to the needs of modern urban commuters, the ePlane e200 is India’s first electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) transportation system, designed for clean, environment-friendly and efficient conveyance. Taking off like a drone and flying like a plane, the ePlane e200 will make door-to-door travel up to 10 times faster at reasonable prices. 

With the aim to provide clean, quiet and pollution-free transport, The ePlane Company plans to efficiently solve the problem of traffic congestion and exhaustive travel delays with its unique flying taxis.

India's First Flying Taxi
The ePlane e200: India’s First Flying Taxi


Re-imagining the path of the mobility sector, Prof. Satya incorporated the company in 2019 along with Pranjal Mehta. Prof. Satya started his professional journey as a professor of Aerospace Engineering at IIT Madras, Chennai, India. 

Prof. Satya has won many awards and accolades including the HAL Prize for the Best Undergraduate in Aerospace Engineering in 1991, the Young Engineer Award by the Indian National Academy of Engineering in 2003, the Young Faculty Recognition Award by IIT Madras in 2009, DRDO Academic Excellence Award by the Defence Research and Development Organisation twice, in 2009 and 2016.

Prof. Satya Chakravarthy
Prof. Satya Chakravarthy

Before incepting The ePlane Company, Prof. Satya founded one of the world’s largest combustion research centres – the National Centre for Combustion Research & Development (NCCRD) which houses state-of-the-art infrastructure and has paved the way for research in spheres of automotive, thermal power, aerospace propulsion, fire research and microgravity combustion. Prof. Satya eventually realised that the world needs more sustainable and greener technologies, and electric planes could be the key to future mobility. 

Rooted in the concept of electric propulsion, the vision of The ePlane Company is to make urban air mobility ubiquitous. The ePlane e200 will be India’s first compact eVTOL that transforms the way people commute and in turn offer the liberty to save precious time coupled with environmental sustainability.

The ePlane e200: FIRST FLYING TAXI

The ePlane e200 will be the most compact and convenient flying option in the world. With the focus to provide immersive flying experiences, people will be able to fly on demand in The ePlane e200 flying taxis. Booking a flying taxi will be as easy as booking a cab through an app. 

With a seating capacity of 2 people, the ePlane e200 is fully electric, offering quick onboarding and offboarding of commuters from their rooftops to their end destination. Innovative battery technology will facilitate the ePlane e200 to make multiple hops on a single charge. With a cruise speed of 160+ kmph and a travel range of 200+ km, the ePlane e200 will take off vertically.

Not too big in size, The ePlane e200 is built with a 5×5 m footprint and is equal to the size of two adjacently parked cars. Leveraging its compact size, this flying taxi can take off and land from the rooftop easily and will not require extensive additional infrastructure such as a runway. The cargo version of the ePlane e200 has the capability of transporting up to a 200 kg payload per trip and can be applied for military and inter-industry purposes. 

India' first Flying Taxi

At the Drone Festival 2022, Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi appreciated ePlane for its innovative and technological advancements. With the aim of providing an affordable and sustainable flying option, the company is set to launch its flying taxi services in 2024 in multiple cities in India.


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