About Us

BudBiz: For Budding Businesses

BudBiz is an acronym for Budding Businesses, that voices the exceptional stories of all budding and emerging entrepreneurs. 

Just a few years ago, the narrative around the impact created by startups was talked about in the future tense. However, the business community is now witnessing the “The Dawn of Startups”.

Today, Visionaries, leaders, and challenge takers invest time in storytelling to help human brains draw clarity towards their products, ideas, or services. We aspire to give a voice to their journeys, struggles, and distinct stories. 


BudBiz is a business magazine curated for budding startups and businesses to share their exclusive experiences, and out-of-the-box solutions.

We thrive to become an ideal platform for readers looking for gold-dust content. We present blogs in different categories like Business, Technology, Health, Education, Women, Lifestyle, and Finance. The list doesn’t end here. We also take you through the journey of renowned personalities through a special column called “Popular Stories.”


To become a source of inspiration for pioneering entrepreneurs and early-age startups.


To inspire budding entrepreneurs and provide startup insights and startup stories into the expanding entrepreneurial ecosystem of angel investors, venture capitalists, and incubators.


Launched in 2021, we are building an authentic readership from startups, investors, venture capitalists, growth motivators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and other creative professionals. 

Our purpose is to dig the most popular, the most inspiring, and trending information from around the world and present it to the readers. 


BudBiz is not just a business magazine; it is an experience; a well-rounded reader experience.

We offer a mix of quick hits and deep dives, and at the same time, informed opinions and straightforward facts. We strive to reinvent a unique formula to showcase every entrepreneur’s story; with an objective to highlight the overall narrative behind a ‘Budding Business’.