8 Travelling Essentials For a Successful Business Trip

8 Travelling Essentials For A Successful Business Trip

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Imagine you are on the road, travelling for a business conference or a meeting and your smartphone battery dies. This happens with many entrepreneurs. The best solution would be to create a checklist of all the tools & materials you would require whenever you travel for a business meeting. 

Let’s take a look at some essential materials and travel tools you would require if you plan to go for a business trip:

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Laptop: The Most Important Gadget

The first and foremost tool you would require is a laptop and for obvious reasons. No matter how many useful devices you are carrying along, you can’t forget to pack a laptop with its charger. To review a presentation, type post-meeting notes, schedule a meeting, the best gadget that you would prefer is a laptop. Use a good quality, well-padded, water-resistant, and protective bag; the ones designed to carry a laptop. Badly designed bags give painful experiences of body ache. Do not overload the bag to avoid any kind of damage.

A Battery Pack or a Power Bank

It’s always a good idea to take along a power bank whenever you travel as you can conveniently charge your mobile phone or other gadgets when they run out of batteries. Some power banks come with multiple sockets, hence useful for businesspeople with multiple gadgets, that need to be powered up before a meeting or conference. 

Sometimes, the flights get delayed causing long waits at the airports. If at the end of the day, the situation to rebook or change a flight comes up but unfortunately, the phone is dying, it leaves you in a frustrating situation. Therefore, carrying a power bank is always a smart choice. 

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A Good Unlimited Data Plan

Unlimited data plans allow you to access as much data as you want to, which is quite important while travelling. You can rarely find wifi connection on the road, therefore a good data plan with good speed is vital. You never have to deal with hotspots or buy new SIM cards and can start connecting with people immediately if you choose a good unlimited data plan while travelling.

Hand Sanitizer 

Germs abound in the aeroplane and hotel room, and you shake a lot of hands. To keep yourself and others healthy, you need to carry a hand sanitiser. Especially post Covid, it is becoming vital to take care of yourself and also think about the people surrounding you. 

Office Supplies

Think about the stationery you would need to take along with you. You would need a pen and a notepad to record your action points if you are going for a client meeting. Other office supplies like sticky notes to set quick visual reminders, paperclips for keeping documents together, folders, etc can also be of prime importance. You don’t need to take along an entire office supply store, however, a few useful items can really help.  

Travel Documents

Keep all your travel documents like passport, airline tickets, hotel confirmations and rental car details documents in one safe place for quick and easy access and avoid that moment of panic when you can’t find your boarding pass. 

Other important documents include:

  1. Covid 19 travel documents
  2. Tickets for events while travelling (if any)
  3. Travel insurance plan details
  4. Foreign currency (if it’s a foreign trip)
  5. Other Travel itinerary details

Breath Mints

Whenever you go on a business trip, you meet someone for the first time, therefore, it’s important to make a strong first impression. You never know who that person might be – a client or an important connection. Don’t forget to pack some mints to chew to avoid bad breath. Chew the mints at regular intervals, most importantly after meals. 

Printed Handouts

In a digital world where we have become habitual of reading everything online, print seems to hold its own importance. Handouts are still considered great for business presentations that demand detailed explanations. Although you may find a place to print your documents at your destination, don’t leave that to chance. It would hardly take a few minutes to print and pack the handouts you would require and you’ll feel much better knowing you have them with you when you arrive at your destination. 

Even in the post-digital world, there are some physical materials you can’t do without. Make sure to include all the essential materials & toolkit mentioned above to ensure a hassle-free and productive business trip.

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