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Explurger: A New Age Social Media App For Travellers

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Travel and Social Media are two things that are loved dearly by today’s generation. Exploring new places and then sharing them on social media is the coolest trend right now. Keeping in mind people’s love and passion for travelling, Sonu Sood along with Jitin Bhatia launched Explurger, a new-age social media app.

Explurger is an AI-powered social media platform that lets users share, connect and make new friends and create memorable personalized travelogues. Along with providing only entertainment to its users, Explurger also gives back rewards to those users who are active on social media. These rewards allow users to claim discounts and offers on big brands such as Tata Sky, Lenovo, Hamleys and many others.

“I wanted to create something that gives back to the online community. People spend a lot of time on social media and they don’t get anything, with this Made-In India app, I want to give back something to people,” says Sonu Sood, the Co-Founder.

Through Explurger, users can count the exact miles, cities, countries and continents they have travelled beyond just posing for pictures and videos. Giving the touch of gamifying elements, Explurger is the first social media app to introduce rewards for users for being active. Additionally, the other exciting features of the app are Personalised Bucket List and sharing Travel Plans. In a very short time, Explurger became a popular choice for the travel community. The app is highly popular among influencers, bloggers, vloggers, creators, travellers and others. 


Explurger is a Made-In-India app that is Co-Founded by Jitin Bhatia and Sonu Sood. 

Jitin Bhatia

Founder & CEO, Explurger

Deeply passionate and enthusiastic about technology and building brands, the visionary and leading entrepreneur Jitin Bhatia is the Founder & CEO of Explurger. He started his career in the IT industry and later moved to Private Equity Investments and financial advisory services. Jitin has worked on various acquisition deals across multiple sectors such as Hospitality, Real Estate, IT, Coal, and many other industries. Explurger sets its foot not only in India but in countries like South Africa, Mauritius, the United States, and Indonesia also. 

Sonu Sood

Co-Founder, Explurger

Sonu Sood Explurger

Sonu Sood is one of the most loved philanthropists, actors, film producers and humanitarians in India. He made headlines for his philanthropic work during Covid times when he reached out to migrant workers and helped them reach back to their homes. By founding E xplurger, Sonu Sood wishes to give back to the online community who spends a lot of time on social media and gets nothing in return. He is also the Founder of the Sood Charity Foundation, an NGO that has helped thousands across the world.  

The other key drivers of Explurger include the Directors, Rajni Bhatia & Sonali Sood and Lead Investor Ruchirans Jaipuria. 


In the words of Sonu Sood, “Explurger is a social media app redefining the way you socialise online.” Putting the user experience at the centre stage, this app helps people in discovering their travel itineraries with real route maps, photos, and guides. 


Explurger Features

Empowering the user beyond check-ins, Explurger is built on Artificial Intelligence. This app does more than the obvious things done by any other social media app. Explurger has many features but one major feature that distinguishes it from the rest is that all the verified users will have the ‘Blue Tick’ unlike other popular social media applications like Instagram and Facebook that give it to famous personalities, celebrities, and users with huge fan following and followership. The unique features of Explurger include:

  • Bucket List

Through this cool feature, users can add their favourite travel destinations, restaurants, bars or any other place on their bucket list. And this app pops up the reminder whenever the user is nearby that location to visit the place and even helps them with the direction. 

  • Future Travel Plans

Users can now easily share their future plans with everyone with Explurger’s future travel plans. With just simply adding destination, time of travel and pressing the spread button, one can tell the whole world about their future travel plans. It also has a very interesting feature ‘Live Countdown Timer’ that engages everyone in the travel plans.

  • Complete Travelogue

With the help of AI, Explurger creates a personalised travelogue for the user so that every time the user travels somewhere it automatically adds to the list. Counting every city, country, pub, restaurant and any other place that the user has visited adds up to the list.

  • Explurger Levels

This feature of the app is just like any game in which a user goes up a level in the app with each mile travelled, a new post spread and with every Kudos accumulated. With each level up, the user’s excitement also increases significantly. 

  • Spread

The Spread feature of Explurger not only enables users to share their travelling experiences or posts on the Explurger wall but also allows the users to share their posts on other social media platforms also. 

  • Kudos

Just like users can react to or like the post on other social media apps, Explurger has Kudos. Users can spread and express their excitement on a post by giving them 1 to 3 Kudos. 


While emphasising on budget travelling, Jitin Bhatia once mentioned that a major percentage of people in India are budget travellers. No matter where you travel, you can only find 2% – 3% luxury 5-Star hotels. It’s the middle class that travels the most and is on the lookout for unexplored places. Explurger is looking at all those budget travellers. 


With the user being the universe, Explurger thrives to create memories in the form of personalised travelogues, reward people for interacting & engaging more, gamifying the social scene, and empowering every possible person to create a unique social identity for themselves.

Explurger has been a part of the Appscale Academy, a new growth and development programme for startups launched exclusively by MeitY and Google with a motive to help and train early- to mid-stage startups across India on creating best-in-class applications for audiences at the global level. In May 2022, Explurger also got recognition under “Top 30 Mobile Startups in India” by Google.

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