Tadpole Projects | Meet the First Indian Who Converted Vintage Car into an EV

Meet The First Indian Who Converted A Vintage Car Into An EV

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This is the story of a tech enthusiast who never owned a car but successfully owns the title of “First Indian To Convert a Vintage Car Into Electric”. Jawaad Khan’s story took birth in the premises of IIT Delhi when he converted the 1998 model of Maruti 800 into an Electric Vehicle for a college project. Back in those days, no one knew that a college project has the ability to turn itself into one of the leading companies. 

After this exceptional project, Jawaad was invited to an event at IIT Delhi and got the opportunity by Arun Duggal (An IIT alumni) to convert a vintage car, a 1948 Volkswagen Beetle into an EV. Jawaad duly accepted the opportunity that gave him the title of “First Indian To Convert a Vintage Car Into Electric”

Jawaad Khan | Tadpole Projects
Jawaad Khan, The Founder


India is aiming to become the world’s leader in Electric vehicles by moving towards more green and sustainable mobility options. To help India fulfil this dream, Tadpole Projects provides clean energy conveyance solutions focusing on waste management and power efficiency at the same time. Tadpole Projects is one of the leading retrofitting companies in India that convert any ICE vehicle into an Electric Vehicle (EV)

Offering reliable and affordable e-mobility solutions, Tadpole Projects takes pride in its ability to “Make electric vehicles without adding new vehicles on the roads.” Pioneering in retrofitting, Tadpole Projects provides efficient solutions to take mobility sectors leaps ahead.

Converting ICE into Electric Vehicle


Tadpole Projects is leading India toward the new wave of EVs that are accessible, affordable and would save the fuels, minerals and resources of the country. The exceptional products and services provided by the company are: 

  • Batteries: Tadpole Projects provides customizable batteries of superior quality. The company offers reliable and tailor-fit solutions to the customers’ energy needs. At Tadpole Projects, one can find premium quality batteries ranging from low voltage system of 48v to high voltage systems of 384v.
  • Retrofitting: The company provides state-of-the-art retrofitting solutions that convert any vehicle be it commuter vehicles, or premium and vintage vehicles into an EV successfully. Through its stunning innovation and inventions, Tadpole Projects adds electric vehicles without really adding any new vehicles. 
  • Motors: Tadpole Projects also has a wide variety of motors ranging from 1KW to 37 KW, catering for every need of the customer. Right from Induction Motors, Power Motors to PMSM motors and SRM motors, Tadpole Projects has it all. 


Tadpole Projects with its exceptional retrofitting technology deliver some stunning projects ranging from commuter vehicles to premium vehicles and vintage vehicles. Some of the remarkable retrofitting projects by Tadpole Projects are:

  • Austin 10 was among the first few cars that Tadpole Projects retrofitted. 
  • The expert team of Tadpole Projects expanded its capabilities and converted the common day cars also including Swift and Santro. 
  • Tadpole Projects adds another milestone by retrofitting India’s first automatic car. The company retrofitted the Mercedes C class, an automatic car. 
  • Tadpole Projects collaborated with India’s premier manufacturing giant ACE to produce a new generation of cranes. 
  • The company is in the documentation phase with armed forces for its gypsy fleet.


Tadpole Projects believes that it is important to “Give Back To Mother Nature” which is why the company has taken up the green initiative of planting more trees. Every time an e-bike is bought from the company and it completes its first 3000 km of emission-free travel, tadpoles plant a tree. Tadpole considers giving back to nature as one of its greatest achievements and stands firmly for the initiative. 

Tadpole Projects


Tadpole Projects has been on a mission to enhance the EV ecosystem in the country without adding any new vehicles to the roads. Tadpole Projects is a trailblazer in retrofitting, innovating and revolutionising green mobility solutions. 

“Tadpole Projects drives the new wave of technology that is affordable and promotes clean mobility. The retrofitted vehicles by the company provide soundless drives, and emission-free vehicles without causing pollution,” signs off Jawaad. 


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