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This Revolutionary Capsule By Mumbai-Based Startup Prevents Tonnes Of Plastic Waste


Tackling the problem of plastic waste in India, a Mumbai-based startup, Ecosys came up with the unique idea of Biodegradable Cleaning Capsules. 100% water soluble capsules can be used as cleaning refills. Ecosys is a smart cleaning technology that is affordable, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Eco-friendly Capsule

The Genesis of The Idea

Hailing from the small village of Rajasthan, Sumit Goyal moved to Mumbai for his CA Internship in 2010. One day he decided to visit the beach and what he saw was not a pleasant memory to recall. Sumit encountered the despicable state of the beach where one can find plastic bottles, dog poop, plastic wrappers and various other kinds of litter.

At that time, Sumit was disheartened but he couldn’t think of any idea to resolve the issue. It was a few years later when he completed his CA Internship and started his business of textile export. A year after commencing his business, he met Prachi Bansal through a mutual friend and both instantly connected on the issue of plastic waste which is rising at alarming levels. 

At that time, Prachi was pursuing Fashion Management in Milan, she introduced Sumit to the concept of Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that is used in detergents in western countries. Prachi suggested that in Western countries it is used only in detergents and they might start a business in surface disinfectants, cleaners and other cleaning items. 

To shape their idea into reality, Sumit and Prachi both sought mentorship from chemical science professionals and engineers to understand in depth the PVA packaging and its other aspects to create a product that is eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Ecosys Cleaners

The Inception of the Company 

After understanding the concept of PVA and its uses, Sumit and Prachi laid the foundation of Ecosys in 2017. With the aim of eliminating the use of single-use plastics, Ecosys introduced Cleaning Capsule technology which is one of its kind in the cleaning industry. This eco-friendly capsule is a revolutionary product that does not produce any waste. 

In the initial days of the company, it was not easy to convince customers to try out their products. Sumit, Co-Founder of the company recalls that customers were not even ready to try or test their capsules as they were using the more famous brands available in the market. 

But then the team of Ecosys came up with the strategy to reach the customer in an effective manner. Ecosys launched a scheme where customers can return the product if they find it ineffective. This idea was an instant hit and helped the company to build a strong customer base.  

The journey that started with selling only 500 products with great difficulty is now being able to save more than 80,000 bottles from reaching waste landfills. 

Revolutionary Cleaners Capsules

Cleaning Capsules by Ecosys are pre-dosed and 100% water soluble refills. Ecosys Cleaning products pose no harm to the customers and environment. Ecosys offers a wide range of hygiene products at affordable prices that include Home Cleaner, Disinfectant and Home Fragrance. 

Ecosys capsules can be easy to use. With just three simple steps anyone can make disinfectant and air freshener easily.  Customers just need to follow the instructions written on the package and in only 2 minutes the product is ready to use. 

Ecosys Cleaner

With the mission to have clear surroundings everywhere by reducing plastic waste, Ecosys is the revolution of cleaning solutions. The smart and innovative products drive the goals of Ecosys to create an eco-friendly and sustainable ecosystem.


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