Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India

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There is no denying the fact that we do jobs to earn money and have a stable source of income. Are you looking for a career option that ensures a promising future that also pays you handsomely? Most people want a career that along with the experience, pays well. And it is not wrong also!

If you are thinking about the career options that pay you well. Let’s help you and make things easier for you. Here is a list of the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India: 

Medical Professionals

Educational Qualification: MBBS, BDS, MD, BAMS

Industry: Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most reputed professions in India. And not just the most reputed but also the highest paying job in India. The salary of medical professionals varies depending on their specializations. The various specialisation areas in the medical profession are Dentistry, Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Pharmacy, Surgeon, and Optometry among others. 

The pay range in the medical profession also depends on the public and private sectors. It also varies based on region. The average salary of medical professionals is Rs.10 lakh per annum. It increases with your expertise and experience. 

Medical Professional

Data Scientist

Educational Qualification: BE/BTech

Industry: Information Technology

Data Scientists are certified analytical experts who use technology for collecting, analyzing and interpreting large amounts of data to find solutions for various business problems. The relatively new professions, attract one of the most skilled talents in the industry. 

A significant increase of 300% can be seen in the demand for data scientists since 2013. You can start your career in this field even if you have no experience. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is required to enter the Data Science industry. 

Commercial Pilot

Educational Qualification: 10+2 in Science/Commerce, Commercial Pilot Licence

Industry: Aviation

What sounds like a very fascinating job, is a dream for many people to choose aviation service as their career. Flying an aircraft is not an easy task, you have the responsibility of many other lives on your shoulders. 

Along with the educational qualification, you have to go through the medical fitness exam to prove that you are physically and mentally fit to indulge in aviation service. With a good salary, travelling to different places is another perk of this career. 

Commercial Life
Source: Money Life

Investment Banker

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s in Finance/Economics, Business Administration

Industry: Banking & Finance

You must have seen in the movies, the character of investment bankers well-dressed and getting handsome salaries, it all looks very alluring. We don’t know about the rest but we can surely say that this career surely provides you with a good pay package. 

The crucial role of an Investment banker is to guide the client to invest their money and helps them in getting the highest possible return on their investments. The required skill to become an Investment banker is strong research and analytical skill with strong verbal and written communication competency.

Charted Accountant

Educational Qualification: Bachelors and Masters in Commerce

Industry: Business & Finance

Charted Accountant is one of the most difficult fields to crack into. To become a Charted Accountant, one needs to be a member of ICAI, the only national accounting body in India. In the present day scenario, there is a huge shortage of Charted Accountants in India.  

Additionally, every business need CA for their business to keep a check on financial situations. This gap in supply and demand makes the Charted Accountants one of the most paid working professionals. 

Charted Accountants


Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s in LLB

Industry: Law

Becoming a Lawyer is one of the well-reputed professions. The pay scale varies depending on the specialisation of the law. With time and experience, you can charge generously good fees. The skill set required to become a successful lawyer is public speaking, writing skills, and most importantly, the ability to search, analyze and apply logic. 

The various field in the professions of law is corporate, family, business, intellectual property, entertainment and civil litigation lawyer. As a lawyer, you can either get a job or practice privately totally based on your expertise.  


Blockchain Developer

Educational Qualification: B.Tech/B.E in Mathematics

Industry: Information Technology

A new buzzword Blockchain attracts the attention of companies and businesses towards it. Because Blockchain technology is still an emerging trend, there are very few professionals are available for it. And to meet this continually rising demand, companies are willing to pay handsome pay to Blockchains developers. 

The day-to-day activities in which Blockchain developers engage are data security and handling. Blockchain Development is one of the best and most highly paid jobs for Engineers and IT professionals. 

Management Consultant

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s/Master’s in Any Business Discipline

Industry: Business & Finance

Management Consultancy is a professional career not many people know. But if you are familiar with the business term, you can sense its importance in the business world. Improving a company’s performance to maximise growth is essential for running a business successfully. And here you need a Management Consultant who helps you to achieve the same. 

The job responsibility of a Management Consultant includes managing, structuring and strategising the company’s performance and boosting its revenue generation. The various specialised field in this career is Economics, Finance and Accounting. 

Marketing Manager

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s in Management/Marketing, MBA

Industry: Marketing

Marketing is one of the most popular career options among the youth right now. A marketing Manager is very important for a business to look after the firm’s marketing techniques and strategies. 

The key responsibilities of a Marketing Manager include analyzing tracking and analyzing marketing trends, advertising campaigns and brand identity. In addition to this, a marketing manager is also responsible for managing the market budget. 

Marketing Manager

Machine Learning Expert

Educational Qualification:  BE/B.Tech 

Industry: Information Technology

With the revolution in technology, the prominence of Machine Learning experts has been rising significantly across industries. Machine Learning is a promising career that paid the top range salaries in India. 

Among other Indian cities, Bangalore emerges as a technological hub that employs the most Machine Learning Experts. After Banglore, Delhi/NCR has highly qualified experts in Machine Learning.


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