Why You Should Avoid Working From Your Bed?

Why You Should Avoid Working From Bed?

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The pandemic changes the way we work significantly. Working from home has become completely normal now. And despite all other things, people love working from home. Let’s be honest and tell us why people are so much in love with the idea of working from bed.

Yes, we are also thinking the same that is in your mind right now. Working from home simply means that you don’t have to wake up early in the morning, get ready, fight with traffic and then ultimately sit on a chair working the whole day. It means that you can work comfortably in your pyjamas while lying down on your bed. 

You all must have heard of how working from home affects your health and those are not at all good reasons. But do you realize to what extent it can be harmful to you? In this article, we will tell you why working from your bed is not a good idea and how can you avoid doing that.

5 Reasons You Should Avoid Working From Bed

Bedrooms are to sleep and we shouldn’t work from bed. Experts suggested that working from bed should be avoided at all costs because it has lots of negative consequences. Here are some drawbacks of working from bed:

  • Lowers Your Productivity

A bed is something that is your comfort space, we generally use beds when we get tired and need rest. We have that kind of relationship with our bed. Therefore, working from your bed is clearly not a great idea. 

There is a high chance that when you bring your work to your bed your productivity level decreases significantly. It is not magic but simple science. When you work from a desk, you sit properly and focus only on your work. But when you are working from bed, you can’t sit straight, you slowly lay down without even realizing it.

Because your bed is your comfort space and the longer you sit in your bed the more comfortable and cosy it becomes. Hence, hampering your productivity. 

Working from bed hampers productivity
Credit: The Jakarta Post
  • Bad Posture 

No matter how cool and comfortable sounds the idea of working while lying down, you should avoid it. There is a reason why there are tables and chairs in the offices because they provide you ergonomic support and maintain the posture of the body. 

You must have experienced more frequent backaches and neck pains while working from home. It happened because we often overlook our posture while working from home. It is very difficult to maintain the correct posture when we sit in our beds. 

Bad Posture during working from bed
Credit: The Indian Express
  • Blur the Work and Home Boundaries

Do you ever feel that you work extra while working from home? It happens because you get slow due to low energy levels. Lack of physical movement slows down your energy and therefore the task you were completing in an hour now takes more time than usual. 

Apart from this, as stated above, working from bed lowers your productivity also, you are taking more time in completing your daily tasks. In order to complete your tasks, you work longer. You are now also using your family time to complete the office work. Consequently, blurring the line between work and life. 

  • Poor Sleep Quality

From childhood, we train our brains that beds are for sleeping. We go to our bed when we are tired and need rest or sleep, this is the rule we follow right from our childhood. Working from bed confuses our brain, consequences of which we have to deal with poor sleep quality. 

Keep your working space and the place where you relax separately. So you can maintain a healthy work and life balance. Poor sleep quality or lack of sleep negatively impacts your health also. If you work from your bed and experience trouble sleeping, then this is the high time for you to create a proper working space.  

  • Hygiene

Along with other negative factors, working from bed is unhygienic also. And in this time of the pandemic, you don’t want to stay unhygienic. If you are thinking about how working from bed can be unhygienic? We have your answer. 

The experts suggest that when we sleep our body shed around 15 million skin cells that causes bacterias. And we sleep and stays in the bed whole day with these bacterias then it is so obvious that it harms the body and make us sick.

Remote Work Tips

We are not just here to scare you with the negative effects of working from bed. We have a solution to your problems also. Here are some useful tips you should follow in order to work from home in a healthy manner:

  • Firstly, create a workspace for you. By doing this you keep your work and resting space separate.
  • Take adequate breaks and do not overstretch them. Taking timely breaks in between your work makes you highly productive. But do not overstretch your breaks more than the set limit. Otherwise, you won’t be able to finish your daily tasks on time and end up working late.
  • Try to wear formal clothes while working. Doing so gives you a sense of formality and keeps you motivated to work efficiently.

Working from home is an excellent thing that happens to working professionals. Not facing any traffic and saving a lot of money in convenience are some of the major benefits of working from home. So let’s enjoy these benefits without negatively impacting our health.


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