Workation: A Perfect Escape

Workation: A Perfect Escape

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Recently a term is getting very popular among those who are working remotely, it is Workation. If you are a working professional, you must be aware of this term. But are you really familiar with the concept of workation? Let us help you in understanding the idea of workation and what are its benefits. 

What is Workation? 

Those who are working remotely can relate to the fact that how monotonous it becomes after one point of time to work from one place that too alone. And the need to change the working environment is much needed in such situations. Here comes the workation to rescue the working professionals from the boring and monotonous life. 

Workation is derived from two words ‘Work’ and ‘Vacation’. Now you all must be thinking about how it is possible to work on vacation. Aren’t both terms contradictory? It might be true but if you try to understand the logic behind the idea of workation then it will start making sense to you. 

Workation; Work and Vacation

The thought behind the Workation is to take a break from your place of work and not from work itself. It gives a person a break without actually taking a leave from work. So, it’s a win-win situation for all. During workation, most people prefer to work in the morning and enjoy the vacation during night hours. It is considered the perfect technique to manage work and vacation at the same time. 

Benefits of Workation

Workation is a perfect solution for a busy working professional where he/she can enjoy the holiday without worrying about pending work in the office. Workation provides many opportunities to spend time with our loved ones and relax along with earning money. There are many more benefits of workation including: 

  • Improved Productivity & Creativity 

Workation helps in improving the productivity and creativity of the person. On workation, there are fewer things to worry about. Exploring new places refreshes your mood that helps in focus with better concentration which ultimately boosts productivity. 

Breaking the monotony of the same routine, workation helps us in getting a more wider and creative perspective. Exploring new places and doing outdoor activities rekindles you with the fresh energy that rushes the creativity flow in you. It helps you find better creative solutions that you stuck on for a long time. 

  • Relax Your Mind

What else is better than working from a different place than your everyday work desk? Since workation also includes the fun elements of the vacation, it gives you a break from the stressful and boring daily life. 

It is refreshing to disconnect from your mundane life and connect with the feel and surroundings of a whole new place. Change in routine gives you a boost to work efficiently afterwards. 

  • Staff Retention

Reportedly, companies that allow their employees to work from anywhere are able to retain their employees better than others. Employees love to work in a company that gives them the freedom to work according to them. 

Nowadays, companies are keeping their employees satisfied by allowing them to workation. Keeping employees happy and satisfied helps companies increase productivity and staff retention. When employees are happy with their work they are less likely to leave the company. So, workation works wonders for the companies to retain their employees. 

Rules For Workation

No matter how cool the concept of workation sounds, it is not easy to work on vacation. It takes a lot more discipline and dedication than normal. Here are a few rules of workation that helps you work effectively and at the same time enjoy your vacation also:

  • Establish A Routine

If you are planning a workation then you must ensure that you set a routine to complete your daily tasks and follow them religiously. From day 1 set your routine in such a manner that you’ll be able to complete all your tasks and also get time to enjoy your trip also. 

The best way to maintain the balance between your work and personal life during workation is to work in the morning and then have fun as soon as you complete your task. It is always better to complete your work first so that you can enjoy the rest of the day stress-free.

  • Stick With Like-Minded People

It is very important to surround yourself with like-minded people. Otherwise, you get distracted from work and in that situation, your work gets hampered. It is always a good idea to stay in a co-working space so that you can stay focused while you are working. 

  • Earn More Than You Spend

We believe that a successful workation is one in which you make more money than you spend. Try not to spend too much money on unnecessary things. Spend wisely so that you don’t regret your decision on going on a workation. Plan everything in advance so that you can manage your finances accordingly. 

Workation is a great way to escape daily life without affecting work. Working for almost 8 hours every day from the same place can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. Taking a break and working from a different place without any boundaries is quite refreshing and helps you take a break that makes you even more productive and creative.


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