Why Reading Book is Important

Why Reading A Book Is Important?

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It is said that books are man’s best friend. This is true in all aspects, books are a great source of knowledge and wisdom. Every time you read a book you learn a thing or two from it. You are consciously or unconsciously developing your personality while reading a book which is why it is never a waste of time to read a book.

Full of knowledge, wisdom and insights, books help people to develop their perspectives. Reading is a healthy habit that we all should inculcate to sharpen our minds and skills. The greatness of the book is to such an extent that filmmakers now take inspiration from the books and make movies based on them. In this article, we are going to tell you why reading a book is important and why you should read it every day. 

Benefits of Reading Books

The knowledge that books impart to you is something that stays with you throughout your life. Providing you with endless opportunities to explore, books introduce a whole new world of knowledge and wisdom to you. Here are some advantages of reading a book:

  • Exercises the Brain

What yoga do to the body, reading does to the brain. Reading daily helps stimulate the complex networks and signals in our brains. While reading any book, the brain cells are activated which help us in imagination and formation of perception about character, place and story. 

Reading increases memory power also. While reading a story a person has to remember the plot, character and even the smallest details. Thus, reading is a kind of exercise that keeps your brain active and healthy. 

Reading book exercises the brain
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  • Increase Our Knowledge 

It is said that a person can take your wealth, your job or any other valuable possession but no one can take apart your knowledge from you. It is something that is yours only. The knowledge one can gain from books is immense. Since civilization, books are a great source of knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. Regularly reading books, newspapers and magazines helps you remain updated on general awareness.

The more books you read, the more ideas and facts cross your mind. Unlike any other digital source of knowledge, you can actually rely on the information that you get from books. Books give you in-depth and quality knowledge that increases with time.

Book enhances knowledge
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  • Improve Vocabulary

Every time you read a book you learn a new word. Reading books helps you in expanding your vocabulary to a great extent. Having a better vocabulary gives you the confidence of knowing things when you sit in a group of knowledgeable people. 

A great vocabulary can impact your life positively. Be it academics, career or simply hanging out with friends, if your speech is influenced by good vocabulary makes you stand out from the crowd. Expose yourself to new words and a better vocabulary by reading every day. 

  • Source Of Entertainment

Once you start reading a book you get to know how engaging the books are. The stories and the narratives are able to provide you with such entertainment that movies cannot. The different genres including fiction, crime thriller, classic literature, nonfiction and many more, bring you into a whole different world. 

And if we are talking about entertainment then it is not wrong to say that books are a great source of entertainment. Many movies or web series are made after taking inspiration from books. That’s how entertaining the books are. 

Source: Huffpost.com
  • Reduces Stress

Books can help you with reducing your stress levels. Books improve memory and lower stress levels by providing mental peace. Reading works like a stress buster for the brain. It diverts your mind from the problems and issues and engages you in the captivating narratives of the book.

According to a study at the University of Sussex, books can reduce stress by 68%. Reading relaxes muscles and eases the heart rate to a great extent. The study also suggested that reading 30 minutes a day can be as effective for the mind as Yoga for the body. 

  • Enhance Our Imagination

It is scientifically proven that reading books improve imagination and creativity. Reading stimulates the right side of our brain which broadens our imaginative power and creativity. According to the study, neuroscientists ascertain that reading fiction can trigger and enhance the connectivity of the brain.

Books provoke thought processes in you that lead to imagination and creativity. Through books, you can travel anywhere in your imagination. It depends completely on the reader how he/she perceives the content of a book. Fiction books have no set boundaries or limitations that restrict a person to think. One can go limitless with imaginary characters and plots, defying logic and yet everything is intellectually appealing. 

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Reading is a healthy habit that every person must cultivate in their daily life. It is possibly the best investment that a person can make in order to make you intellectually more smart and positive. Helping you concentrate better, reading improves and strengthens your memory significantly. Every time you read a book, a new opportunity to learn something new opens up in front of you. 

Adelise M. Cullens says, “Reality doesn’t always give us the life that we desire, but we can always find what we desire between the pages of books.”


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