A steady weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds is recommended for the most fruitful weight management. That being said, many eating plans may also leave you hungry. In that case, following some strict guidelines can help you avoid that. 

Here are some healthy ways to lose weight without compromising your health. Get off to the best possible start:

1. Add protein to your diet

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As protein is the king of nutrients, adding protein to your diet can help a lot in weight loss. Research suggests that increasing protein intake can have impressive effects on metabolic rate, appetite, and weight & body composition. A high-protein diet can keep you full and help you overcome hunger. Taking protein increases the production of hormones such as PYY and GLP 1 helping you to feel full and satisfied. It also helps in reducing the levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. 

2. Take more fruits and vegetables

Adding fruits and green vegetables to your meal can provide all the necessary nutrients your body needs. Eating fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, and other fruits can give you the requisite nutrients if you consume them naturally. Including steamed vegetables in your diets like carrot, broccoli, legumes, and some herbs can be highly beneficial. 

3. Consume less sugar

Normally, you eat a lot of added sugar in a number of ways. Side effects of added sugar are linked with some of the world’s damaging diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. You are consuming a lot of added sugar without even realizing it as the amount is normally hidden in various processed foods. On aggregate, Americans consume about 15 teaspoons of added sugar per day. Since sugar is known by various names in the ingredient lists, it is very difficult to understand how much sugar a product exactly holds. Reducing your consumption of added sugar will always be the best way to improve your diet and reduce your weight.

4. Do daily exercise

You should give at least 1 hour of your day to gym, yoga, walk, or meditation. Doing cardio exercises, jogging, running, cycling, walking, boxing is always a great way to burn calories and improve both mental and physical health. Cardio seems to be especially effective at reducing the unhealthy belly fat that grows up around the organs. You can also do strength training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times a week to see drastic changes in your body. 

5. Drink more water

Drinking half litres of water increases the calories you burn, known as resting energy expenditure. One should not drink water before your meal as it may also lead to reduced calorie consumption, especially among middle-aged and elder people. Water is undeniably good for weight loss when it replaces other drinks that are high in calories and sugar. Water is central to nearly every aspect of health and that is why staying hydrated has a lot of benefits. 

6. Take Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential if you are trying to lose weight, wondering how? Well, one common connection between sleep and weight is appetite. We all think that appetite is just a matter of stomach grumbling but it is not true. Out appetite is controlled by neurotransmitters and these neurotransmitters ghrelin and leptin are central to appetite. Therefore, taking enough sleep is vital for health. Research has shown that people who do not get enough sleep are more likely to become fat, compared to those who take enough sleep. 

7. Focus on lifestyle

Dieting is something everyone wants to do while in reality, only a small proportion of people can actually stick to it. Change your lifestyle which includes getting some sun, practicing mindfulness, weighing yourself, eating a protein-rich breakfast, and most importantly, maintaining the right balance between work and personal life. 

8. Brush your teeth after a meal

Many people brush their teeth after eating any meal, which helps them avoid eating any snacks. Furthermore, brushing removes the food particles and plaques attached to the teeth thereby reducing the buildup of microbes that mixes with saliva and play tricks with the brain to induce a feeling of hunger.

9. Add Fiber to your diet

10 HEALTHY WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT | Credit: https://www.metamucil.com/

Foods that contain water-soluble fiber can be primarily significant for weight loss. An estimated 100 trillion bacteria live in the human gut in the large intestine. Just like any other organisms, bacteria also need to eat well. This is where soluble fiber steps in. Double fiber reaches the gut bacteria which digest it and turn it into a usable energy. Viscous soluble fibers like psyllium, glucomannan, and guar gum, pectins, are also beneficial. The more viscous the fiber, the better it is at reducing appetite. 

10. Take Low carb diet

Many studies have shown that low-carb diets are very effective for weight loss. Limiting carbs and consuming higher fat and protein decreases your appetite and encourages you to eat more calories. A low-carb diet like limiting the intake of bread, sweets, nuts, seeds, starchy vegetables, and pasta, can do wonders. 

Nothing over health. That’s our principal capital asset. Aiming to lose 1-3 pounds (0.45-1.36 kg) per week is safe.

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