Entrepreneurship may seem like a dream career full of thrill and adventure but in reality, it is a rocky road. 

Successful and ambitious entrepreneurs are the working system of our society but with such power comes great responsibilities and duties. Thus leading to high stress and anxiety to perform better and make a place in this society.

About 50 percent of new entrepreneurs are likely to have a mental health condition. But still, this topic is ignorant among the business holders. Business owners need to take care of their mental health as it is their mind which is the root of the company. 

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Position Of Mental Health 

Startups are the trending carrier option in today’s world. The 2020 statistics of entrepreneurship show that nearly 582 million people are in the race of starting their own business and the figures are continuously increasing.  

But closely looking at the life of an entrepreneur makes us realize how difficult it is to run a company and how many hurdles one has to face daily. To thrive among these struggles one needs to be mentally balanced, stable, strong, and healthy to face socio-economic challenges, ever-growing competition, and proper utilization of the resources.

According to recent surveys, nearly 29% of entrepreneurs go through ADHD, 27% of entrepreneurs are diagnosed with Anxiety and 30% of entrepreneurs are suffering from Clinical Depression.

According to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health, 72% of entrepreneurs have mental health issues.

While comparing entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs  49% of entrepreneurs have mental health issues directly while only 32% of the others experience them. 

What Affects Mental Health?

It’s a highly beloved myth that the life of an entrepreneur is all rainbows and unicorns, as the above-mentioned statistics are an eye-opener to us.

The struggles and perseverance of entrepreneurs should be addressed with great attention so that they could cope with the burden of mental crisis. 

If you have a business and are struggling with mental issues, please don’t ignore it and give priority to your mental health, as it may appear to be a small thing today, but can later turn into big problems affecting your business.

Below are some points that may be responsible for the lack of good mental health

  • Lack of self-care to manage the stress
  • Taking a load of uncertainty with the business
  • Social isolation
  • Hesitant in seeking professional help 
  • Not taking personal time out
  • Ignoring small details like less appetite, constant anxiety, or mood swings
  • Not taking proper diet
  • Not opting for a proper physical routine

Importance Of Mental Health 

Mental health is a crucial aspect of our life. It revolves around your physiological as well as psychological well-being. It affects your actions, reactions, and decisions. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper mental health. Below are some key effects ideal mental health has upon a person.

Increases Confidence

Ideal mental health allows an individual to make bold and confident decisions in life. Being an entrepreneur means taking some tough and experimental decisions at various stages of your business. You would be able to see the far results only if you are mentally healthy.

Boosts Productivity

Being an entrepreneur often requires you to set a benchmark for others through your performance. You need to deliver the best version of yourself in the market. To achieve this you need to be productive and progressive in your actions. Steady mental health helps to keep thoughts balanced and actions effective. This steadiness contributes to improving your performance.

Coping Adversity 

A journey of entrepreneurship is filled with ups and downs. Your business requires you to be strong-headed to pass these hurdles with perfection. it would be easier for you to cope with adversity only if you have proper mental health. This is why good mental health should be your top priority.

How To Tackle Mental Health Issues?

Business requires you to act quickly and decisively to shield it from this deadly outrage of competition and race. Meanwhile, the triggered variables such as stress and anxiety are more likely to amplify. It is not easy to suddenly change your mental order but if you take precautions you can surely avoid suffering from major mental health problems in the future. 

Here are some measures to take to avoid mental health problems: 

  • Implement a financial testing process in your company 
  • Stay prepared with a backup plan for your business projects 
  • Build up a highly functional responsive team
  • Stay connected with your well-wishers and your family
  • Ask for professional help if the matter seems out of hand
  • Maintain a proper and healthy diet
  • Take time out for any kind of physical exercise of your choice

The cases of mental disorders continue to grow around the world. The obsession to become the best and a perfectionist in the respective field often tends people to suffer from anxiety and depression. One must know it is never a setback to take care of yourself and pay attention to mental health.

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