10 Most Famous Street Food In India

10 Most Famous Street Food In India


Street food is successfully attracting people towards it every single time. It is a guilty pleasure for everyone. You can hardly find a person who does not like street food. It is something that you can find everywhere easily. You don’t have to put extra effort to find it. If you live in India, you can find food on literally every other street. 

It is said that if you want to indulge in the local taste of the place you must try the street food of that particular place. Street food is famous for its affordability and convenient availability. 

Known for its tangy, spicy, sweet and sour flavours, street food is something that people of every age enjoy with utmost delight. Keeping in mind all the Indians and their love for street food, we bring the list of “10 Most Famous Street Foods In India”:

Pani Puri

Pani Puri | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: www.awesomecuisine.com
Credit: www.awesomecuisine.com

You cannot talk about street food without talking about Pani Puri. An extremely popular street food, Pani Puri is as delicious as it sounds. Prepared with puffed crispy dough balls filled with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, Imli chutney and mint water. All these ingredients together make a perfectly tangy, sweet and spicy Pani Puris that people enjoy happily. 

Originating from Uttar Pradesh, Pani Puri is now famous in every Indian city. It has different names in the different cities in India. It is also called Golgappa, Puchka, Gupchup, Pani ke Batashe and many more. 


Momos | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: www.thespruceeats.com
Credit: www.thespruceeats.com

Momos are something that got its popularity in the last few years and since then people love momos wholeheartedly. The origin of the momos is not very clear yet. Some believe that in 1960 Tibetians entered the country and they brought the momos along with them. While others believe that momos came all the way from Nepal. 

Not sure about the origin but one thing is certain which is the taste. Momos are absolutely delicious, their soft and plain texture melts in your mouth. Earlier only steamed momos were available but now there is a variety of momos available in the market. Now you can find steamed momos, fried momos, kurkure momos, tandoori momos and many more. 

Vada Pav

Vada Pav | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: www.swiggy.com
Credit: www.swiggy.com

No burger can match the taste of Vada Pav. Immensely popular in Mumbai, Vada Pav has a special place when it comes to street food. Vada Pav is so popular that it has its own dedicated day. No, we are not kidding! August 23 is celebrated as World Vada Pav Day. 

Vada Pav is great in taste and it tastes even better if you eat it with green chilly. Vada is a kind of potato patty and pav is a kind of bread made of chickpea batter. Served with green chutney, it tastes heavenly. This is also the reason why people, especially Mumbaikars eat it with so much delight. 


Kachori | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: www.funfoodfrolic.com
Credit: www.funfoodfrolic.com

Kachori is a famous street food that is spicy, crispy and crunchy that fills your mouth with an explosion of tastes. Kachoris are rich in spicy and tangy flavour. It is a deeply fried snack made with maida and stuffed with different ingredients such as onion, dal, potato and peas. 

Kachori originated from Rajasthan. Here is a special thing about Kachori, no matter how good the taste of those Kachoris that are made in big restaurants and hotels, it can never match the taste of street-style kachoris. There are different types of Kachoris including Pyaz Kachori, Matar ki Kachori, Dal Kachori and Aloo Kachori.

Aloo Tikki 

Aloo Tikki | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: www.kirtidakitchen.com
Credit: www.kirtidakitchen.com

A popular north Indian street food Aloo Tikki is the most flavourful chaat that gives your tastebuds a whole new experience. Eating Aloo Tikki at a roadside stall is an experience that everyone should have. 

Flavoured with a blend of spices, Aloo Tikkis are made with mashed potatoes and coated with maida to make them crispier. Aloo Tikki tastes best when served hot and with spicy green and tangy imli chutney. To make it fresher, it can be topped with chopped onions and coriander. 

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: recipes.timesofindia.com
Credit: recipes.timesofindia.com

A Punjabi dish, Chole Bhature is something that everyone must have tried at least once in their lifetime. Chole Bhature is a tempting breakfast dish that satisfies your hunger with its deliciousness. Chole loaded with spices and deeply fried Bhature is something that is usually considered unhealthy. But if it tastes so good, you can eat it once in a while.

It was said to be invented in Delhi in 1940. Chole Bhature can be enjoyed best with pickles, raw onions and chutney. If you want to drink anything along with it, you can side with a glass of Lassi or Chaas.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: shwetainthekitchen.com
Credit: shwetainthekitchen.com

A hot, spicy and flavourful dish, Pav Bhaji is something that has so many vegetables in it yet is so tasty. Who can think that a dish with vegetables can be tasty and delicious? But Pav Bhaji makes it possible. 

Pav Bhaji is more popular in Mumbai. Bhaji is a vegetable curry that is served with soft bread (Pav) and lots of butter. This is one of those few street foods that are not only just tasty but also nutritious. 

Akki Roti 

Akki Roti | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: www.archanaskitchen.com
Credit: www.archanaskitchen.com

The lip-smacking street food, Akki Roti is a very special Karnataka cuisine. Made of rice flour, Akki Roti is shaped like a pancake or a flatbread. Often served with various chutneys, Akki Roti is a healthy option for street food. If you are craving something tasty yet healthy, Akki Roti can be the right choice for you. 

Dough prepared with finely chopped onions, coriander and green chillies, Akki Roti is crispy in taste and nutritious in nature. 


Paddu | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: www.archanaskitchen.com
Credit: www.archanaskitchen.com

An extensive South Indian dish, Paddu is also known as Paniyaram. It is a bite-size snack that is usually served with coconut chutney. Because of its bite-size portions, Paddu is served as a starter in most restaurants. 

These small-sized balls are made by the soaked dal, either plain or stuffed with various things like chicken, shredded mutton, and vegetables. Paddu is a kind of street food that you can make at your home easily.

Galouti Kebabs

Galouti Kebabs | 10 Most Famous Street Food In India | Credit: recipesxp.com
Credit: recipesxp.com

Galouti Kebab is a delicacy that melts in your mouth as soon as you eat. It is said to be the very first time made for the Lucknow king who was toothless. The very meaning of the Galouti means something that melts in the mouth. 

Galouti kebabs are made of mutton and served with green chutney with the side of onions. Its subtle aroma and juicy flavours can make anyone fall in love with Galouti Kebabs.

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