Are you Also Shadowbanned by Instagram?

Are You Also Shadowbanned By Instagram?


Instagram become immensely popular nowadays. The use of this social media platform is not just limited to leisure activity or only posting about vacations or personal life. But it is now an important source of income also. There are many social media influencers who earn remarkably well by posting their content on Instagram. 

Apart from social media influencers, businesses also started to post about their business, product or service on Instagram to reach a wider audience. But do you as an Instagram content creator recently feels that your posts have recently seen a sharp decline in engagement? Even though you used all the relevant hashtags and keywords in captions. 

If you notice the decline in engagement on your posts, then we might have bad news for you! It might be the case of shadowban and you might have been the victim of one. If you are familiar with the technical terms of social media and technology, you may already know what Instagram Shadowban is. But if you are hearing this term for the first time let us quickly tell you what it is.

Instagram shadowban
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What is Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram shadowban refers to the situation when Instagram restrict or de-prioritises a user’s content and limits the visibility of that particular user. And Instagram is doing all this without informing the creator that their account has been shadowbanned by the platform. This means that it is possible that you are shadowbanned and you don’t even know it. 

However, Instagram denies any such activity but the truth is lots of influencers and content creators are facing a situation in which their engagement is much lesser than usual. In this case, your post is not visible to anyone’s feed unless the person specifically searches and goes to your profile. 

Generally, Instagram shadowbans those accounts that violated the community guidelines by posting inappropriate content or growing by inauthentic measures. To promote only genuine content to the users, Instagram hides the visibility of account that buys followers or those who are using so many hashtags that are not even relevant to the content.

Instagram Borderline Content Policy

Instagram in its defence clarifies that no accounts have been shadowbanned. But the platform is going to demote those posts that either violate community guidelines or comprise inappropriate content. In an official statement, Instagram says, “We have begun reducing the spread of posts that are inappropriate but do not go against Instagram’s Community Guidelines.” 

However, there are no set criteria that put the content in the non-recommendable category. In general opinion content that is sexually explicit or contains hate speech, violence or harassment, violates community guidelines. At this point, Instagram needs to set a clear set of guidelines for offensive and abusive content. 

Instagram Shadowban
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Check If You Are Shadowbanned By Instagram

If you are experiencing a decline in your engagement, check if this is because of the shadowban or if it is just the recent change in trend that led to this plunge. Reportedly there are some tools available in the market that tells you if you are shadowbanned or not. But we are not sure if these tools are reliable or not. Here are some simple tips you can follow:

  • Hashtag Search

The easiest way to know if you are shadowbanned by Instagram is the hashtag search. Post new content on your Instagram profile by using hashtags. For your convenience, we suggest you use that kind of hashtag that people generally don’t use. If you use a popular hashtag, it will be difficult for you to find your own post and it might not give accurate results. 

After posting the content, ask your 4-5 friends or colleagues who don’t follow you on Instagram, to search that particular hashtag and see if the Instagram Explore Page shows your post. If none of them found your post, it means that you have been shadowbanned by Instagram. If half of them can see your post and the rest can’t, this means that you are not shadowbanned but need to step up your game and make your posts more engaging.

Instagram shadowban
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  • Check Instagram Analytics

Checking your Instagram analytics are always a great idea to know how much decline you are experiencing. It also helps you in knowing where you experience the major downfall in your engagement. Instagram analytics tells you whether the traffic on your profile come through hashtags or profile searches. 

Your Instagram analytics shows a massive drop in the numbers if your account is shadowbanned. Look closely at the engagement data of those who weren’t following. Since shadowban limits your visibility on the Explore Page, a drop in this particular number, clears the picture to a great extent. 

How To Remove Instagram Shadowban?

If by performing the shadowban test, you reach the conclusion that you have become a victim of Instagram shadowban. Here are some ways that you can use to remove the Instagram shadowban:

  • Report The Problem To Instagram

If you are completely sure that you are not violating the community guidelines set by Instagram. And if the content of your posts is genuine and still your account is going through the shadowban, reach out to Instagram Support and report your problem. 

Here is a bonus tip for you, while reporting your problem to Instagram, do not mention anything about shadowban. Just tell them that your posts are not visible on the feeds and it negatively impacts you. 

  • Remove Automation Apps

Using automation tools increases the risk of getting flagged by Instagram. With the help of technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Instagram can detect those posts that use automated tools and try to increase engagement through inauthentic measures. 

If you are using any such apps or tools, immediately remove them otherwise you can end up shadowbanned by Instagram.

  • Take Two Days Break From Instagram

Many people who suffered from Instagram shadowban suggest that taking a break for a few days can help you greatly. Too much activity and posting can be mistaken by using bots or automation. Not posting or commenting for a while can help you lift the shadowban faster. 

Instagram shadowban can prove to be a nightmare for you if you are an Instagram influencer or a content creator. Losing the content engagement suddenly that you had created over a period of time is truly heartbreaking. Therefore, it is essential for you to save your account by posting only authentic and helpful content following all the community guidelines. Otherwise, Instagram shadowban is coming for you!

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