Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters

Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters


In today’s time when petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing, the need for E-bikes is felt more than ever before. Electric bikes brought the smart revolution in the automobile industry that makes vehicles more flexible, eco-friendly and adaptable. High-speed capability, easy-to-use features and variable specifications are the reasons for the rising popularity and demand for electric bikes. 

E-bikes are not only easy to use but also save a lot of costs and reduce the carbon footprint by producing less pollution. The world is facing some serious climate change consequences and E-bikes are a great way to mitigate them by lowering the pollution levels caused by vehicles. If you are also thinking about buying an electric bike then this article will surely help you.

Here is the list of Top 10 Electric Bikes and Scooters that are rich in features, performance and power: 

Tork Kratos

  • Range: 120 km
  • Charging Time: 4-5 Hrs
Tork Kratos | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

Featuring triangular-shaped headlights, and naked roadster styling, Tork Kratos is among the top electrical bikes. The base model of Tork Kratos is powered by a 4kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Tork Kratos claims the top speed of this electric bike is 100 kmph.

With a kerb weight of 140 kg, this bike is available in 4 different colours and 2 variants. Tork Kratos comes up with front and rear disc brakes and combined braking systems for both wheels. 

Ather 450 

  • Range: 85 km
  • Charging Time: 5-6 Hrs
Ather 450 | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

With its excellent riding dynamics, Ather 450 is among the leading electric bike sellers. Great in performance and its tech-laden features Ather 450 comes with a bigger battery pack and bigger rearview mirrors.

It comprises the Lithium-ion Battery that can be charged fully in just 5 hours. After the success of Ather 450, the company launched Ather 450X with upgraded features that also include the inbuilt display systems for navigation and smart controls. 

Ola S1 Pro

  • Range: 181 km
  • Charging Time: 6 Hrs 30 Mins
Ola S1 Pro | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

The most popular ride-sharing platform, Ola launched its electric scooter in the market and since then it has gained immense popularity till date. Leveraging the brand name of Ola, the company has been able to build the trust of the customers. The latest and among the most popular e-bike of Ola is Ola S1 Pro.

The 3.97 kWh battery pack gives the highest riding range and a top speed of 115 km/h. Among the special features of this electric scooter includes the 7-inch display that makes navigation easy while driving. This scooter also supports Bluetooth, Wifi and 4G Connectivity. 

Revolt RV 400

  • Range: 150 km
  • Charging Time: 4 Hrs and 30 Mins
Revolt RV 400 | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

The AI-enabled electric bike, Revolt RV 400 is among the top 10 electric bikes that offer the best speed and different ranges comprising eco, normal and sports mode. With a 3kW motor, this bike claims to deliver a driving range of 150 km.

Revolt RV 400 comes with a 3.24kWh lithium-ion battery pack and gives a warranty of 8 years. Loaded with features such as a digital display, 4G connectivity and LED headlights, this bike is available in 2 colours.

Odysse Evoqis

  • Range: 100 km
  • Charging Time: 6 Hrs 
Odysse Evoqis | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

Odysse Evoqis is the best in technology electrical bike that gives a smooth and pollution-free driving experience to the customer. It has a battery capacity of 4.32 kW that gets fully charged in 6 hours. The company claimed the top speed of Odysse Evoqis is 80 km/hr. 

Available in 5 exciting colours, this bike is loaded with some super cool features like Keyless entry, Anti-theft lock, and 4 Drives mode. Odysse Electrical Vehicle is soon to launch its variety of electric scooters and bikes in the market. 

Hero Electric Optima HX

  • Range: 82 km
  • Charging Time: 4-5 Hrs 
Hero Electric Optima | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

India’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, Hero Electric manufactured a variety of electric vehicles. Hero Electric Optima CX is among the most popular products of the company. Comes in 4 colour options – Red, Blue, White and Grey, this electric scooter is affordable in comparison to the other e-bikes.

The two variants of Hero Electric Optima HX are the single battery (driving range 82 km) and dual battery (driving range 122 km). The Sleek Design, Alloy Wheels, Regen Braking System and Telescopic Suspension make Hero Electric Optima HX stand apart from the pool of electrical vehicles.

Bajaj Chetak

  • Range: 85-95 km
  • Charging Time: 5 Hrs 
Bajaj Chetak | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

The name Bajaj Chetak rekindles the childhood nostalgia of riding the father’s scooter. That same legendary brand comes once again with the modern look to make travelling affordable and convenient.

With an electric motor that generates its power from a 3 kWh lithium-ion battery, Bajaj Chetak supports two drive modes (Sports and Eco). Some of the noticeable features of this electrical vehicle include Geo-Fencing, Tamper Alert, Bluetooth-enabled instrumentation, and Sequential LED Blinkers.

TVS iQube Electric 

  • Range: 100 km
  • Charging Time: 4 Hrs and 30 Mins 
TVS iQube Electric | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

The most recently launched electric scooter, TVS iQube Electric is a smart, connected and economical e-scooter. With a top speed of 82 km/hr, TVS iQube can be ridden up to 145 km non-stop once fully charged.

Available in 3 exciting colours; white, red and grey, TVS iQube redefines the way of everyday commuting. TVS iQube is powered by a 2 Li-ion battery and gives a driving range of 100 km/charge.

Bounce Infinity E1

  • Range: 85 km
  • Charging Time: 4 Hrs 
Bounce Infinity E1 | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

Bounce Infinity E1 is powered by a 2kWh battery setup that gives it a top speed of 65 kmph. This scooter is the first of its kind that allows a ‘battery as a service’ option for the customers. ‘Battery as a Service’ means that customers can lease batteries as separate components from cars.

Some of the most prominent features of Bounce Infinity E1 are live tracking, geo-fencing, track battery health, and an anti-theft system. The range of the Bounce infinity E1 comes with the option of 5 colour variants and infinite customizable skins for the scooter. 

Ampere V48

  • Range: 48-51 km
  • Charging Time: 8-10 Hrs 
Ampere V48 | Top 10 Electric Bikes And Scooters | Credit:

The last but not least, Ampere V48 is an affordable option in the electric scooter market. It is available in two battery options; lead acid and Lithium-ion battery. The riding range and charging time varies depending on the type of battery. The riding range varies somewhere from 48-51 km on a full charge.

Ampere V48 is a light weighted scooter and is good for new learners. This scooter is also equipped with telescopic forks, twin shock absorbers and a 250W BLDC motor. Ampere 48 comes in black, red and grey options to choose from.

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